True Deliverance Christian School uses a step-up curriculum, placing our students above the standard level. Our students leave our Pre-Kindergarten classes reading and using full, complete sentences. Students that have graduated from True Deliverance Christian School are usually placed in advanced classes within the High Schools of their choice.

Each student is required to wear a complete uniform beginning in our Daycare classes, Toddler.

Our class sizes are limited to provide one-to-one individual attention to our students.

Yes, we have scholarships available to families through the Children’s Scholarship and Crosley & Reva Cook Scholarship fund.

True Deliverance Christian School offers Spanish as its primary secondary language.

We also teach sign language to every student.

Yes, required testing depends on the age of the student entering. This does not determine if the child is a good fit into True Deliverance Christian School. This is solely done to assess the students’ academic level.

Yes, parents are required to volunteer up to 8 hours of their time in the school each year.

Yes, True Deliverance Christian School host an Open House usually in March. To schedule an individual visit, please email Truedeliveranceschool@gmail.com

True Deliverance Christian School is based on the foundation of prayer and Godly principles. While we focus on the academic side of the student we also focus on their spiritual needs. Praise & Bible study is taught each day.